Customer Care

Best service guaranteed

We are a highly superior, full-service company. Job done to perfection - guaranteed.

  • Excellent quality and consistency
  • No appointment cancellation guarantee
  • Free recleaning if we miss any areas
  • Select a flat fee or pay by the hour
  • The best selection of cleaning options
Be prepared

Your home is about to become spotlessly clean. Work and time spent not required.

  • Free green or regular cleaning supplies, equipment
  • No credit card required to book
  • 2 maids crew for your convenience
  • No hidden fees- guaranteed
  • Certified green or brand-name regular supplies

Our Products

At OC European House Cleaning Service, we use only the safest products on the market and provide to you a range of the best cleaning supplies and services.

What We Offer

full order customization

Unlike other house cleaning companies, we offer full order customization. This means that all of your requests will be logged and followed through with, guaranteeing you a cleaning experience that you can count on. Finally, our emergency staff and private fleet of vehicles ensures we will never cancel appointments.

We will make your home clean again

Our experienced personnel provides our customers with healthier, cleaner and sanitized homes through using green cleaning products. Preferences in cleaning products can be requested, allowing your home to be as eco-friendly as you like. So what are you waiting for? Check out OC European House Cleaning Service today and reclaim your time for the things in life that really matter.